Respiratory Products

  • HME filters

  • Disposable and reusable breathing circuits

Vincent Medical manufactures respiratory products under OEM business and our own "Inspired Medical" (「英仕醫療」) brand for distribution in selected markets globally

Our respiratory products cover a comprehensive range of disposable and reusable breathing circuits (e.g. ventilation circuits, anaesthesia circuits, coaxial circuits, heater wire circuits, smoothbore circuits, hytrel circuits and silicone circuits), different types of respiratory filters (e.g. bacteria and virus filters, heat and moisture exchange filters, high-efficiency particulate arrestance filters and respiratory filters), humidification chambers, humidification heaters, ultrasonic nebulisers, nebuliser kits, respiratory device accessories and components (e.g. breathing bags, masks, water traps, canisters and connectors). These products are generally designed and used for supplying, humidifying and controlling the temperature of gases that a patient receives during mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, invasive or non-invasive ventilation in operating theatres and ICU. Our breathing circuits and respiratory disposable products are generally made with resin, plastic, corrugated polyethylene or polypropylene tubing that are light, flexible and kink resistant.

  • Heated humidifier

  • Ultrasonic nebuliser

Our sales of respiratory products comprised principally disposable products which we produced for our OEM Business and OBM Business. In recent years, we have developed and introduced certain respiratory equipment and devices with electronic elements to our OBM product offering, including breathing circuits with heater wire, heater humidifiers, and nebulisers for which we have obtained CFDA and CE certification for sales of these products in the PRC and Europe.

Our "Inspired Medical" (「英仕醫療」) heater humidifier is a controlled heating humidification system with humidity and temperature feedback control function for delivery of humidified gases at optimal temperature to patients irrespective of ambient room conditions. It has been awarded with the "High New Technology Product" certificates by Guangdong Hi-Tech Enterprise Association. We have jointly developed an ultrasonic nebuliser with Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease (廣州呼吸疾病研究所), which was also awarded with "High New Technology Product" certificate.

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